What we’re

good at.

What we’re good at.


Eye-catching visuals is the language of social media, and even though the term “aesthetics” gets thrown around pretty easily, it is extremely important to share your brand at its visually appealing best. We help you show off your brand’s flashiest moments and make it pop among a sea of competition.

Eye-catching visual projects for your brand. Express your brand’s personality through the photos that define it.


Looking to set up a professional youtube channel or a podcast? our team knows the ins and outs of optimal equipment and will adapt their vast experience to suit your specific needs for a custom-made solution.

Professional audiovisual production All the solutions to your production needs.

Web Development

The name of the game for brands that need a functional website 24/7. You want your website to look fancy and attractive, but you also want it to be easy to navigate and have its functions clearly defined for the users and potential clients. With our expert hands on deck, you’ll have a good-looking and up-to-date website.

Make a good first impression Clear and optimized websites to make a lasting first impression.


We throw around the word “brand” a lot, but what does that mean for you? well, it means “you”, really. it’s the accumulation of aspects that make a person or a company unique in their way. having a defined brand lets you reach out to your audience in meaningful ways, and that’s where wic comes in: we can help you build upon your brand or create one from the ground up.

Reach your target audience Let your brand’s personality interact with your audience.

Digital Marketing

Marketing on social media has become one of the most valuable commodities for brand developers over the world. Be it through optimizing the impact of paid ads, seo, savvy social media management, influencer marketing, copywriting or any other branch of digital advertisement, our diverse team is a melting pot of fresh ideas that will help your brand shine bright on social media.

Set the stage for brand success Tried-and-true social marketing solutions.

Artist Management

Nurturing talent is what we love doing, be it in our team or as part of the crew helping promote the careers of creative individuals who put their all into sharing their crafts with the world. We feel deep respect for talent and love to help it grow. Are you next?

Developing, growing and promoting creative talent. Talent is everywhere, we just help it grow.

Music Marketing

Transform your music marketing and connect with your audience through authentic stories and innovative strategies. Our global team of creative professionals has a unique perspective that helps us understand diverse audiences worldwide. Partner with us and join some of the biggest spirits and entertainment brands in the industry to elevate your music marketing strategy.

Through the Noise with Our Music Marketing Services. Partner with Industry-Leading Team and Take Your Music Marketing Strategy to the Next Level.

Influencer Marketing

Everyone and their moms have heard of influencers just by spending five minutes on social media. But that’s the point! they’re the middle ground between industry and people. They bring the human element to a brand or service. Wic is pretty big on collabs, so you’ll see us working with influencers from all walks of life fairly often.

Bringing the human element to your brand. We work with more than 200 nano, micro and macro influencers all over the world.